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If you are already retired, plan to retire soon, or just dream about retiring some day in the distant future, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Chris Minnucci, and my book, The Death of Buy and Hold, explains in detail how you can minimize the key risk we all face in retirement—the risk of outliving our money. On this website you can learn more about my book and read articles that explore some of the key issues raised in the book in greater depth. And, if you are an early retiree, or would like to become one, be sure to check out my blog on Obamacare & Early Retirement. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Investing & Retirement Planning

Explore articles about investing, retirement planning, and how to make your capital work for you.
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Obamacare & Early Retirement

Read about how Obamacare can make early retirement possible, and more financially rewarding, for millions of folks.
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The Death of Buy & Hold

Check out my book, The Death of Buy and Hold. It will help you minimize the risk of outliving your money.
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